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  • Искусство управленческой борьбы. Технологии перехвата и удержания управления – Тарасов Владимир

    Книга посвящена методам и технике успешного ведения борьбы за перехват и удержание управления, которой так богата жизнь каждого активного человека: будь то руководитель любого ранга, предприниматель, политик или школьный учитель. Книга не имеет аналогов и, без всякого сомнения, станет настольной для многих и многих людей. И дело не только в том, что она учит побеждать, но и в том, что помогает квалифицированно избегать борьбы там, где она не нужна и даже вредна для обеих сторон, что чаще всего и имеет место в нашей противоречивой жизни.

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  • Five Lessons for Upgrading Talent with Outside Superstars – Profiles International

    Profiles International's study, Five Lessons for Upgrading Talent with Outside Superstars examines five key lessons to help optimize the upgrading process:

    - Identify your current and future internal stars
    - Align your hiring decisions with your need for current and future talent
    - Temper your expectations; high performance isn’t always portable
    - Don’t let eagerness short circuit your selection process
    - Underpromise and overdeliver

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  • Executive's Guide to Employee Assessments – Profiles International

    Profiles International's study, Executives Guide to Employee Assessments examines how assessments help leaders and managers make smarter people decisions. The specific benefits include:

    - Selecting people most likely to succeed in a job;
    - Accelerating time for people to become fully productive;
    - Improving alignment and communication;
    - Reducing conflict, absenteeism and turnover;
    - Increasing overall workforce capability, productivity, and agility.

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  • Selection Strategies for Re-organization, Re-deployment and Recovery – Profiles International

    Profiles International researchers conducted a comprehensive review of organizational design and talent management practices to identify over 50 “best practices” in the context of organizational restructuring. From this, we determined our “Top 10" best practices list.

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  • Making Every Hire Count: What Really Matters to the C-Suite – Profiles International

    Now more than ever, organizations strive to do more with less, and when it is necessary to hire, make every hire count. It is crucial for senior-level leadership, human resources, and hiring managers to all be on the same page and do the right thing.

    - “Top 10” questions an organization needs to answer to make every hire count.
    - Key actions necessary for aligning your organization with a new strategic direction.

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  • Creating a Team Building Culture – Profiles International

    There are many benefits to understanding engagement levels. Companies with this knowledge have higher retention rates and superior customer service, and they realize increased profitability. Leaders at all levels of these organizations strive to create a work environment that results in highly engaged employees.

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  • Coaching to Develop Employee Performancev – Profiles International

    Managing to ensure superb performance from all employees is crucial, especially during times of economic turbulence. Fortunately, this kind of management is more enjoyable than most tasks and results in increased organizational value.

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  • Eight Signs of Incompetent Managers – Profiles International

    Like winning coaches, successful managers are both talented and skilled. But if a manager lacks natural talent, his or her odds of success are lower. We indentified and explored eight signs of incompetent managers.

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  • Six Crucial Behaviors for Customer Facing Employees – Profiles International

    One bad customer experience can cost you that customer for life. This report identifies and explains the core behaviors of your customer-facing employees that make the biggest difference for your business.

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  • America's Most Productive Companies – Profiles International

    Profiles International's study, Americas Most Productive Companies is the most comprehensive study of human capital productivity of its kind, covering almost 21 million people in over 2262 companies, 17 industries and 203 sub-industries. Get this comprehensive report, containing:

    - 2011 Winners;
    - Management Practices that Make Them Great;

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  • Top Five Strategies for Identifying and Hiring Great Employees – Profiles International

    In a time when creative growth and technological advancements are crucial to business success, companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of hiring and retaining talented employees.

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  • Introducing Profiles International – Profiles International

    Profiles International offers assessment solutions that help organizations select the right people and develop them to their full potential. We are global leaders in our field and highly focused on our clients success.

    Over the past 20 years, we have worked with thousands of oganizations and have assessed millions of people.

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