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  • America's Most Productive Companies - Large Sales Force Analysis – Profiles International

    Profiles International's study, Americas Most Productive Companies: Large Sales Force Analysis explores key differentiators that set the top organizations apart.

    - Extreme customer and market focus
    - Products, services and solutions align with customer’s high priority needs
    - Utilize Resources to build customer loyalty
    - Sales process aligns with customer’s buying process

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  • Top Five Strategies for Motivating and Retaining Top Performing Employees – Profiles International

    The success of your organization is directly affected by the people you employ. Having the right people with the right skills in the right jobs can result in a significant competitive advantage.

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  • 4 Essential Tactics for Optimizing Organizational Talent – Profiles International

    Profiles International's study, Four Essential Tactics for Optimizing Organizational Talent, identifies four essential tactics to optimize your organizational talent. These are:

    - Remove your chronic underperformers;
    - Remove your bad apples;
    - Uncover your hidden gems;
    - Never stop your hunt for high quality outside hires;

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  • Talent Assessment Strategies: A Decision Guide – Profiles International

    The Aberdeen Group conducted research in order to understand how businesses use assessments to drive better decisions. According to their research, top performing organizations were found to be using assessments more broadly across employee populations and job roles.

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  • From Treacherous Employee Turnover to Million-Dollar Sales – Profiles International

    Steve Cardy thought all hope was lost as he joined a new company that was facing abysmal employee turnover levels of 600 percent. He was recruited to his new position with the sole purpose of growing the company. Experienced in the hospitality industry, not staffing, he knew he had find a solution and quick. After several trial-and-error runs and a decade of effort, he finally reduced his employee turnover to 9 percent.
    Here is his story.

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  • Seven Factors for Building Extreme Customer Loyalty – Profiles International

    It costs more to acquire a new customer than to maintain an existing customer.We know that there are actions we can take and behaviors we can measure that create long term relationships between sellers and buyers.

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  • How to Avoid the Seven Biggest Team-Building Blunders – Profiles International

    Profiles International's study, How to Avoid the Seven Biggest Team-Building Blunders examines the 7 roadblocks to building and managing high-performing teams. Great teams lack:

    - Team Support
    - Conditions for team effectiveness
    - Meaningful performance goal
    - Decision-making process
    - Appropriate norms
    - Communication channels
    - Diversity

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  • The Executive's Guide to Strategic Workforce Planning – Profiles International

    Strategic workforce planning is a process that ensures your business has the right people in the right jobs at the right time to achieve your expected results. This report explores six steps of strategic workforce planning and offers some advice for achieving results.

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  • Leader’s Guide to Managing Workplace Stress – Profiles International

    Businesses should be concerned about promoting the health and safety of their employees. This briefing is designed to help executives understand, recognize and effectively deal with stress in the workplace.

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  • Leaders Guide to Managing Workplace Fraud, Theft and Violence – Profiles International

    Examines effective solutions and tools for identifying and preventing workplace fraud, theft and violence.

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  • Six Keys to Unlocking Potential Frontline Managers – Profiles International

    Times of change present many challenges for organizations, particularly for frontline managers. This fact inspired us to identify six keys to unlocking the potential of frontline managers.

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  • The Powerful Act of Coaching Employees – Profiles International

    Profiles International's study, Powerful Act Of Coaching Employeesexplores 5 steps to go from performance evaluation to performance coaching.

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